Panel Mount (OSD at Rear Side)

iTech Company's range of panel mount LCDs are designed to deliver reliable performance with durable quality that can endure various challenging conditions. Whether it will be used for commercial, industrial or military applications, these LCD displays are equipped with a number of features to meet these demands. This line of products has an OSD button located at the rear side, preventing other people to make unnecessary changes on the LCD settings. Browse each of the products below and see which one best suits your application.

Our panel mount LCDs are available in various monitor sizes, ranging from 5.7" to 23" and widescreen W7 to W55 dimensions. The resolutions range from640x480 to 2560x1600. In terms of connectivity, it supports different types of ports such as the Standard VGA, Composite Video, S-Video input, Analog VGA and DVI input interface support. The touchscreen technology is optional, which includes resistive, capacitive, SAW, IR, and Projective Capacitive. For outdoor applications, the brightness levels of these industrial LCD monitors range from 200nits to 1500nits, ensuring clear and sharp displays even in direct sunlight. It has also a rear OSD button which prevents other people to make unnecessary changes on the LCD settings. Moreover, its VESA mounting-hole pattern provides more flexibility in terms of its installation.

At iTech Company, we also offer customize product designs with the combination of features based on our client's preference. Take note that choosing the right panel mount LCD is important in order to make best out of this technology. Our products are built to handle industrial workload. Check out the specifications of each of these products and see which one best suits your needs.