Rugged Industrial LCD/PC

i-Tech's Rugged Industrial LCD Monitors and displays are shock and vibration resistant; dust and waterproof and its compatible for HMI, factory automation, process control, and other harsh computing environments. These rugged lcd monitors are available in a variety of mounting options including panel mount, VESA mount, rack mount, console mount and desktop.

I-Tech Company offers top of the line industrial panel computers and PCs. They are known worldwide as the best in the business. You are guaranteed to receive only the best quality and highly engineered products. They specialize in designing cost effective products from touch screen display, stainless steel monitors, but also including the panel PC and touch panel PC along with many more products. They are used in almost every networking and industrial sector in a wide variety of applications.

Computers have evolved over time from something that many people knew nothing about to something people just cannot live without. An industrial computer is an x86 PC based computing platform. This is used for industrial applications. In 1984 IBM introduced what is known as the first industrial PC. Industrial computers are used primarily for process control and data acquisition. It is used as a front end to another control computer in a distributed processing environment. An industrial PC is usually characterized by being manufactured in lower volumes than home or office PCs. LCD monitors are the ideal screens for computers in today’s industrial and commercial settings. A rackmount LCD is ideal for the industrial and commercial work force. Rackmount LCD monitors are designed to be mounted into a rack or shelf unit. This allows the users to be able to move the computer system around effectively and efficiently. An LCD or liquid crystal display is a flat panel display that can be waterproof and are ideal for outdoor use. Waterproof LCD monitors are ideal for settings that are in contact with water, thus ensuring that your equipment is safe and secure. Outdoor LCD monitors are ideal for those outdoor settings. The monitor is designed so that there is no glare reflecting off of it when in the sunlight

I-Tech Company is headquartered in Fremont, California and has distributors throughout the world. Many of these locations provide product service and technical support. I-Tech customers are never far from amazing products and excellent services. Contact I-Tech Company today to find your panel PC or panel computer.