Digital Signage

iTech Company's Digital Signage system solutions provide a complete hardware and software package. It includes an industrial LCD monitor with built-in media player, along with our heavy-duty robust pedestal stand for easy installation. There’s also a front access feature for easy maintenance. These are fully customizable devices for easy deploy network and standalone out-of-home advertising for a wide range of applications including retail, restaurants, trade show displays, ski resorts, gas stations, golf course, shopping malls, and outdoor signs, among others.

It is no doubt that digital signage and information displays are becoming a real trend in every sector nowadays. Such solution can give life to a display in the form of video, graphics, animation, and other audio-visual elements that effectively grab the attention of the viewers.

At iTech Company, we offer a range of such solutions, from all-weather outdoor displays, video walls, to interactive kiosks .Our products are designed with durability in mind and can operate 24/7. These are industrial type products that are not only ruggedly built but also look stylish and elegant. Aside from the media player, most of the product models can be configured with various peripherals such as magnetic and smart card readers, proximity sensors and QR/barcode scanners. For interactive applications, there’s an optional touch screen functionality. Meanwhile, the LCD monitors deliver high quality and sharp displays. For outdoor applications, the display also features sunlight readability and complies with IP-rating standards for protection against rain, moisture, splash of water, and other unwanted elements that can damage the device.

Our selection of LCD Digital Signage solutions are designed for long-term performance while delivering high quality displays. We also offer customize designs based on our client’s specifications and requirements. Contact us for more information of our products and services.