With the advancement of technology, digital signage offers a powerful solution for the education sector to communicate information instantly across an entire campus. Over the years, this technology slowly replaces the existing noticeboards with its dynamic and eye-catching displays. At iTech Company, we realize the importance of this technology and thus, we came up with innovative campus digital signage solutions that can benefit the students, staff and visitors within a particular school. Our products include Networked Media Player and Signage LCD Networked systems. See the specifications of each product below.


Digital signage is a type of electronic display that shows text information, images, animation, video with sound and messages. Along with an LCD display, it works with a computer which controls the content with the help of an electronic display software. There are several applications of digital signage technology within a school campus. It can be used as a wayfinding device, interactive kiosk, digital bulletin board, and digital room signs, among others.

It also able to display real-time updated information, which is important if the content to be displayed is urgent or when there is an emergency. Meanwhile, Hi-Definition interactive panel LCDs are now being utilized by several some schools and colleges in lecture halls to aid the educators to communicate concepts effectively to students. Some also used an IP-based LCD display signage system to broadcast a certain lecture from one campus to another. Moreover, a touchscreen functionality also offers an engaging application where the students and staff interact with the device.

Whether it will be installed in reception areas, corridors and classrooms, digital signage technology can significantly aid in the distribution and production of school-related content and information for both internal and external audiences.