Panel Mount LCD

iTech Company has been providing industrial panel mount PC for a number of years already and our products are continuing to outpace other competitions by integrating significant features and high-grade quality. With the IP rating compliance of these products, it can withstand harsh environments which are common in industrial and commercial applications. These are available in product models with OSD button at therear side and OSD button at front side. See our list of products below.

This line of industrial LCD monitors features a modular construction which provides more flexibility in terms of product configuration and for easy maintenance. These are also available in a wide range of sizes. Depending on the product model, the OSD button of these monitors can be located at the rear side or at the front side. You can also choose from different brightness levels that's appropriate for your application. For auto adjustment of the screen, it has a brightness sensor so that the device is neither too bright nor too dark.

Meanwhile, its compliance with IP/NEMA rating standards provides more versatile to be installed in outdoor locations too. This feature provides some degree of protection against various elements that can damage the device such as dust, rain, asplash of water, and chemicals, among others. It is corrosion-resistant as well. While it mainly supports the standard VGA connector, it is also available with optional AV, SV, and AV-Looping.

For ease of use, we also offer industrial panel mounted touch screen PC. This industrial touch panel PC features touchscreen technology where users can easily navigate a certain application by touching the icon displays on the screen monitors.

iTech Company's panel mount LCDs are highly-engineered products which suit a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. On the other hand, we can also come up with a customized design based on our client's specifications. For more info about this, don't hesitate to contact us via the given phone number and email.