Why industrial LCD (open Frame, panel mount, chassis mount, panel PC) are different?

1. What is open frame LCD?

Open frame does not come with front bezel, customer nee to finish with their own bezel.

All the LCD components will be recess inside the cabinet or kiosks.

There are flange our the front of the LCD for rear mounting, some vendor come with 4 sides or top/bottom or Sides only.

Here is example for 4 sides

2. What is Panel Mount LCD?

Panel mount mostly used in kiosk , cabinet, inside wall with rough opening to drop the rear housing into recess area. The front bezel will be remain at outside for flat finishing.

Most cases panel mount will come with features of Touch screen, waterproof IP65/NEMA4, sunlight readable.

In order for IP65/NEMA for panel PC, the front glass with be sealed with the front bezel and the rear side of the bezel will always come with gasket for providing waterproof between the bezel and kiosk.

There are several way to mount them

Rear mount with STUD

The stud is come with front panel where you need to open holes at your kiosk for this stud to going through your cabinet. This is the best want to secure the panel mount lcd.

Rear mount with bracket.

This is easy mounting without predrill holes for stud. Vendor will provide bracket to put the LCD bezel again the kiosk using the bracket.


Before buying the Panel mount LCD ensure the the panel mount LCD bezel is larger than your rough opening, most vendor will provide you the cut out like this.

Secondly, you need to ensure the rear housing (Recess part) is smaller than your opening In order to drop this panel PC from the front.

3. What is Panel Mount PC?

Bascially it has the same idea with panel mount LCD ,but this is integrated with PC. The additional part is the Panel PC will be much thicker.

4. What is Chassis mount LCD?

Many people are asking what is the different between the chassis mount and the regular LCD monitor?

Chassis mount LCD is build with metal or stainless steel which is more rugged than regular plastic enclosures.

Also, many consumer grade LCD is following market changes, so is the their enclosures and components, but chassis mount LCD is for industrial market, so their dimensions, form factor and inside components are not most like to change which give customer a very consistent product without keep changing or modifying the design.

5. What is all in one LCD PC?

All in one PC mostly used in Digital signage market where

6. What is Rackmount LCD?

A 19-inch rack is a standardized frame or enclosure for mounting multiple equipment modules. Each module has a front panel that is 19 inches (482.6 mm) wide, including edges or ears that protrude on each side which allow the module to be fastened to the rack frame with screws.LEAR MORE...

8. What is open frame LCD Kit/Modules?

Most people use industrial with some sort of housing but some application where space is limited or end customer enclousures has it unquie design, then they will require open frame kit where has much more flexialibilty on mounting the components.

Major components of open frame lcd kit/Module are:

  • LCD panel
  • control Board (where you need to decide on What resolution and what video input you need)
  • LVDC cables
  • OSD
  • Inverter and inverter cable
  • DC adapter
  • Power cord

9. Here are the sample of the assembly diagram

10. Remark:

On the open frame lcd kit that beware of the all cables are meeting your length requirement, also there is always a limitation on the LVDS video signal length and the if the inverter cable is too long will create noise on the image as well.