Marine Rugged LCD

In high-stakes and harsh maritime environments, trust iTech Company's range of Marine Rugged LCD displays. Our water proof monitors are equipped with several useful features such as touch screens, bright LED backlights, and stainless steel enclosures. They are built to provide maximum protection from dirty, wet and hostile operating environments. See each of our products below as well as its specifications.

When it comes to using LCD monitors in a marine environment, there are specific requirements that have to be met and some features have to be integrated for these devices to work properly and reliably. These devices are commonly used in military, commercial shipping, avionics and industrial applications. Thus, such type of displays should stand up to the rigors of a shipboard environment where it will be exposed to demanding conditions.

With over 10 years of being in the LCD monitor industry, iTech Company offers innovative products that are particularly designed for marine applications. Our rugged waterproof monitors are built with stringent IP65 to IP67 standards for maximum protection against water and other unwanted debris such as dust and oil. These products feature a stainless and aluminium housing chassis design to withstand harsh conditions which are common in marine industry. It also provides extra protection against shock and vibration.

Meanwhile, its wide operating temperature ensures that such device can withstand tough or sudden change of weather conditions. To protect the sensitive parts of the device, it has an isolation protection. These LCD also features optical bonding to deliver clear and crisp display even under direct sunlight or in high ambient light conditions. Its dimming capability allows for usage in both day and night conditions. All in all, it delivers excellent visual performance. Moreover, there’s the optional touch screen functionality for interactive applications.

iTech Company's Waterproof LCD Monitor displays offer versatility and high-performance for any marine application. But if you have a specific requirement for your application, we also provide custom designs. If you have more inquiries, contact us through our given phone number or you can use our quick chat function for an immediate response. Also, click through our product line for the specifications of each product.