Large Marine and Yacht Rugged High Brightness / Sunlight Readable LCD

Here, we present our range of Large Marine and Yacht Rugged High Brightness LCD monitors which are built to be waterproof, withstand high shock and vibration, sunlight readable, and operate over a wide range of temperature range. These are available in large monitor sizes with high brightness levels of 1200 nits. By integrating other several useful feature, suchdisplays are engineered to survive the most demanding environments of marine applications.

These LCD monitors are designed to operate in direct sunlight or high ambient light conditions in which a typical display will be washed out or looks dim. Thus, whether it will be used in either indoors or outdoors, you can assure that it still delivers optimum performance. Its ruggedized IP65-rated stainless steel enclosure provides enough protection to meet the demanding conditions of marine applications. It protects from debris that may potentially damage the device such as dust, dirt, moisture and sprayed liquids.

Meanwhile, it utilize a LED backlight technology with high contrast for excellent image quality. There's also an auto dimming control backlight brightness which ranges from 100% to 20% for day and night applications. Moreover, an optionaltouch screen feature offers interactive and ease of use.

The requirements for marine LCD displays are specific in order operate reliably despite the challenging conditions it would face. At iTech Company, we address these requirements with our selection of marine LCD displays. With all those features mentioned, these monitors deliver maximum reliability. As customization is our specialty, we also provide custom designs based on the specifications of our clients. For more inquiries, contact us anytime.