Industrial LCD Displays

It is no doubt that LCD monitors now become the standard go-to device for any business or industrial display purpose. However, industrial environments have potentially harsh conditions which expose your equipment to chemicals, extreme temperatures, shock, contaminants such as dust and debris, moisture, and water. All of these elements can damage your equipment.

Thus, it is important that your LCD monitor can withstand these conditions. It is important that it won't break down or malfunction while other processes are on-going in order to avoid inefficiency and other safety risks in a particular setting. The solution for this is an industrial displays LCD. This type of monitors were built ruggedly to endure all types of climates. They are capable of functioning well in even the worst weather conditions.

At iTech Company, we offer a wide range of industrial LCD touch screen displays and industrial LCD monitors that address these issues and compatible with embedded computer equipment as well.

We have different kinds of display monitors for specific purposes such as Industrial Touch Screen Open Frame LCD, Industrial Panel Mount LCD Display, and Industrial Chassis Mount Flat Panel LCD monitors. These are all available in various sizes and resolutions.

For protection against the intrusion of unwanted elements, our products come with different NEMA and IP ratings. This ensures that these monitors can withstand the common harsh conditions faced by several industrial applications. These also support wide operating temperatures to address extreme weather temperature changes.

Moreover, our product lines extends to Industrial Grade Sunlight Readable LCD displays.We use passive and active enhancementsin order to allow LCD viewable under the sunlight. Combining such feature with the state of the art optical bonding solutions, the result is an extremely clear image which avoids sun wash-out on the industrial LCD screen. There’s alsothe touch screen functionality which is optional for some product models, providing more interactive usage for the device.

iTech Company is considered as one of the leading innovators of industrial display monitors. When you order from us, you are guaranteed that you have the best Industrial Displays LCD around which is reliable enough and high performing as well. Customization is also our specialty. So, if you have specific requirements for a monitor display, you can talk to us and discuss all the features that you want to add in such device.