LCD IP65 / IP66 / IP67 Wide Range Temp.

As LCD monitors are widely used for both indoor and outdoor deployments by almost all sectors these days, there’ also a growing demand for wide temperature range displays. In response to this, iTech Company came up with a range of LCD IP65 Wide Range Temp. displays. These are available in 5.7” to 17” sizes and widescreen dimensions from W7 to W15.4. The temperature range can reach up to -30C ~ 80C.

Our wide temperature range LCD monitors offers an increased durability as they are resistant to damage caused by temperature extremes and changing weather conditions. So, you don’t have to worry with the performance of such devices if you are going to deploy it on hostile environments such as extreme temperatures. It has also ametal chassis which is compliant with IP65 rating for water and dust protectionand prevent any potential damage caused by rugged physical use and higher impact situations. For extra protection, there’s an optional front AR Glass or vandal-resistant glass.

Meanwhile, improved performance is also another consideration when we design these products. With this, we have integrateda number of features and technology that provide the best performance for this device. These include LED backlighting for energy efficiency and a brighter screen, sunlight readability for superior display even when under high ambient light conditions, optical bonding, enhanced shock and vibration resistance, support for various inputsand built-in speakers. Other optional features includea built-in touch screen for interactive application and auto-brightness sensor which offers application in both day and night.

With all of the above features, iTech Company’s wide temp LCD displays offer reliable solutions for industrial and commercial applications. If you have some technical questionsor require more product details, don’t hesitate to contact us on our given email and phone number.