Oil and Gas Industry LCD Panel PC

Enhance Decision-making in Oil and Gas with LCD Panels Built for Industrial Work

In the oil and gas industry, technology must meet durability standards and have high information processing speeds. This is because employees on drill rigs, transport pipelines, and oil refineries work under varied conditions, and they must make quick decisions based on accurate and easy-to-interpret information.

Knowing these demands, I-Tech Company offers a line of industrial-grade LCD panels capable of performing in these conditions. Our specialized oil and gas LCD panel PCs include:
  • All-in-one PCs resistant to dust and water
  • Waterproof computers encased in stainless steel to resist corrosion
  • Panel PCs you can mount for handy data entry and analysis
  • Portable tablets with internal CPUs, including models designed for outdoor use
  • Slim LCD tablets with electromagnetic touch sensors
Tough, reliable, and portable LCD screens can enhance work safety and efficiency. Our industrial LCD panels are ready to endure whatever the oil and gas industry throws at them.

Click on the product descriptions below to examine specific models, then call 1-888-483-2418 for more information. You can also request a quote on a larger order to outfit your entire crew.