LCD Stainless Steel Monitor

With iTech’s stainless steel monitor displays, you have nothing to worry aboutwater damage. Its IP66 Compliance makes it ideal for use in industrial applications and other harsh computing environments.They are available in various sizes: from 5.7” to 23.1”, and widescreen W7 to W65 dimension, with resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200.

The stainless steel housing chassis design of these industrial monitor displays will keep the device dry and running smoothly. It delivers brightness levels from 200nits to 1500nits. There’s also the auto-brightness sensor which offers application in day and night. The touch screen feature is optional which includes resistive, capacitive, SAW, and IR.It supports various inputs such as DVI, DVI+HDMI, SVideo+AV, SVideo+AV+DVI, AV+Looping, DVI+AV+Looping, andHD-SDI.Water proof solution is guaranteed with itsfull IP NEMA4X Rating front and back.Moreover, the high brightness feature will givesharp displays even in direct sunlight.

Our products combine all the necessary features required in an industrial setting application such as high- performance resistive touch screen, waterproof and dustproof protection, and fully sealed stainless steel chassis. We also provide custom designs based on your specifications. Contact us for more info of our products.