NVIS Night Vision Filters Industrial LCD Monitor, Military LCD Displays, Military Rugged LCD Applications

iTech Company’s Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compatible LCD monitors are available for night operation at low backlight levels. These are ideal for military applications especially for aircraft and marine use. This type of products are capable of handling widest color range possible in an ordinary daylight operation. Take note that in order to view the color active matrix, a backlight is essential for illumination. For avionic and marine requirements, extremely high intensity illumination is required during day time and low intensity illumination is required for night time mode. See our range of NVIS-compatible LCD displays below.

One of the critical requirements of LCD monitors used in military applications is it has to be functional and usable in night conditions. With this, an NVIS-compatible LCD monitor is a necessity and thus, it should perform effectively and efficiently under any circumstance. At iTech Company, we provide such solutions that are engineered for military and other industrial applications.

This line of products has an optional Night Vision Goggle Filter which meets the MIL-STD-3009. It also  combines other useful features in order to meet the requirements of these demanding applications. It is an all-weather monitor with a ruggedized flat panel display which is sealed to NEMA6/IP67 milled billet aluminium case, to withstand extreme environments. It light weight and watertight, with fully sealed connectors is also great for mobile applications. Its sunlight readability feature ensures view ability of the screen in all lighting conditions. Moreover, it is power-efficient with low heat design, providing a reliable solution for mission critical deployment.

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