Industrial Automation

iTech Company offers reliable, cost-effective and low-power consumption Embedded Single Board Computers (SBC), Compact Embedded Computers, and Embedded Automation Computers which are ideal solutions for Rough Rugged Industrial Environment, Vertical, and Factory Process Automation. We have pre-tested and pre-configured SBC Kits for Single-Board Computers that are compatible with a wide range of embedded and computing devices. Browse our range of Industrial Automation Systems and see which one best suits your needs.

As we live in the era of computers, industrial applications are utilizing various information technologies to automate their processes and improve overall productivity. With machine automation, you are able to improve the efficiency and consistency of any process more than what a human effort can do. It also lessens the need for human labor, which helps cut down costs. Moreover, it reduces operation time and handling time significantly.

Being one of the innovators in industrial displays and PCs, we offer our range of embedded automation computers with various features for different applications. Our products are industrial-grade computers with fanless design and application ready control platforms. It has a robust design which is ideal for installation in harsh environments and factory automation applications. It also supports multiple expansion slots and versatile mounting options. You can also choose from different processors depending on the needs of your application. The LCD screen can be equipped with other features too such as sunlight readability, touchscreen functionality, and waterproof protection, among others.

Whether optimizing a workflow or increase production, industrial automation has already impacted several sectors. With the use of computers and other technologies, it can boost any business operation. At iTech Company, we provide such solutions with the commitment to deliver the highest quality standards of our products. We also provide customize designs based on our client’s specifications. To discuss more about this, contact us through the given phone number of email.