Panel PC (Fanless Touch LCD)

Ultimate Panel PC fanless solutions in totaly unique thermal design; slim compact and rugged design to continue operates and endure extreme environmental conditions. Fanless Panel PC modified to optimize its performance in any specific industrial applications both indoor and outdoor usage.

Our fanless panel PCs combine the capability of an industrial PC with the convenience of an LCD touchscreen. They are noise-free, consumes less power, and have compact design. With its rugged construction, IP-rated enclosures and other environmental protection features, they provide reliable and high performance solutions to various industries.Some of its protective features include the shock absorption, moisture resistant, dust and/or water resistant, and wide range temperatures, among others.

It is also a space-saving solution since you can easily place it within a panel of any room or building, or simply mount it on a wall. Powered by various options of processors including Intel and AMD, it ensures that less power will be consumed and thus, helps you conserve energy. Such devices also work in a wide range of temperatures. So, you will not have to worry about its performance regardless of any weather condition or extreme temperatures. You can also tailor such device depending on your application with various optional features available such as sunlight readable display and different choices for its touch screen system.

Being one of the leading producers of industrial LCD displays, iTech Company combines all these useful features to come up with a reliable and efficient Fanless Touch LCD. Our products are available in various monitor sizes, from 5.6” to 32”. Browse our various product models to know more about their features. You can also call us for more info.