PiggyBack Mount PC to LCD

How to mount a Removable Compact PC module from Rackmount/Panel Mount/Open Frame LCD?

1. Most Rackmount/Panel Mount/Open Frame LCD does come with VESA Mount at the rear side

2. Since Rackmount/Panel Mount/Open Frame mounting front bezel, there VESA Mount is free to add on any compact PC. (see pictures)

3. Most Compact module PC comes with VESA mounting bracket, please ask for sales to verify this.

VESA-compatible metal bracket

This is for securing and mounting of Compact PC to VESA-compliant arms, monitors, etc

4. Few things you need to beware of:

a. There will be two power cords one for LCD and one for PC.

b. There require a short length video cable (Example: VGA, DVI or HDMI) from PC to LCD. Most case Video cable is not included.

c. Ensure the LCD rear VESA Mounting (Example. 75 x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm) is matching to your PC module metal bracket.

d. Ensure you have space for the whole system after adding PC will increase the overall thickness.

e. You can find our Compact PC with VESA Mounting bracket here

i. http://www.i-techcompany.com/compact-embedded-pc.html

5. If you have any further question, please feel free to contact our sales representatives.