Medical LCD Display

Don't Risk a Misdiagnosis - Get a Medical LCD Display Today!

Medical technology has come a long way over the years, with devices that can scan entire bodies and offer medical professionals a non-invasive way to make a positive diagnosis. But if you are using a second-rate monitor to view radiology scans or x-rays, you could be risking a misdiagnosis. Does your current monitor offer crisp, clear, and precise details on every line no matter how small? Can you view the entire screen without any dark spots or dead pixels showing up? If not, replacing this device should be a vital necessity.

• With sizes at 15, 17 and 19 inches, our monitors can show even minute details with the clarity you need to make a positive diagnosis.
• We offer both portrait and landscape monitors, in both monochrome and full color displays to suit your every need in all areas of the medical industry.
• Touch screen capabilities and protective acrylic shields are just two features we can offer to help make your job easier and more efficient.

For more than 10 years i-Tech Company has been offering a variety of devices from the open frame LCD monitor to the military grade computer. Our products can work in a range of applications including medical imaging, military tactical information viewing, public kiosk use, digital advertisement, and so much more. Our products are made to be rugged, long lasting, and to offer bright colors no matter what you plan to use them for. If you have any questions about the devices we offer and how they can help your project become more efficient, or if you would like help selecting the best product for your upcoming project, you can contact us at any time. We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you at your convenience!