Reviewing Color Display

When providing optimal patient care, medical reviewing color display can play an important role. This is a device used to come up with accurate diagnosis on the patient’s condition. At iTech Company, we offer such equipment that are equipped with advanced features and can withstand longer period of excessive use. Our range of these displays deliver superior image quality, clarity, and consistency. Browse the list of products below to know more about their specifications.

These LCD monitors are designed for clinical review applications. It features a mechanical design with a combination of durability, safety, and mobility which are required for medical environments. It is ideal for color or grayscale image viewing applications.

It has DVI, VGA and component interfaces for flexibility to connecting other medical devices. There’s also a flexible Gamma settings brings the optimal display quality when connected with different medical devices. In order to achieve optimal display quality, this reviewing color display can be adjusted with Gamma 2.2 and DICOM as well as user settings for different brightness conditions. To ensure that these monitors perform optimally in all light conditions, it is equipped with built-in ambient light sensor and auto-dimming function. With its easy portrait and landscape rotation, medical practitioners will have a better viewing experience for different medical images.

Meanwhile, its ergonomic design allows narrow bezels easy side-by-side viewing for diagnostic applications. There’s also a smart and user-friendly on-screen-display (OSD)for easy monitor control. Moreover, the front panel of these monitors are enclosed by glass for easy cleaning without harming the LCD panel. It also complies with IP rating standards for waterproof and dustproof solutions.

iTech Company’sMedical LCD monitors are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of medical imaging. By integrating latest features into our products, we provide solutions to help optimize the work of diagnosticians. For more info regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.