Flush Mount LCD

Our Flush Mount LCD displays can be categorized into two. Those product models with OSD at Rear Side and those with OSD at Front Side. This type of monitors feature a modularized mechanical design which gives more flexible product configuration and also easy maintenance. Available monitor sizes range from 10.4” to 23.1” and widescreen W12 to W24.1, with resolutions of 800x600 to 2048x1536.

No need to worry whether you’ll use it in day or night application as there’s an auto-brightness sensor which delivers a crisp high-resolution display. You can also choose from varying brightness levels from 100nits to 1500nits, to ensure readability even in direct sunlight depending on your application. Moreover, there’s an optional build-in touch screen feature for interactive application. These are also available in IP65 and IP66 rating, which ensures that these flush mount industrial monitors can endure even in the toughest environmental conditions while still maintaining its full functionality.

For more info of these products, check out the specifications of each model. You may also contact us to assist you with your needs.