Agriculture Panel PC

iTech Company presents its range of Agriculture Panel PC and LCD display solutions. These are IP65-rated with state of the art sealed technology for protection against water intrusion and other elements commonly encountered in agriculture industry that may damage the device. It also features an elegant stainless metal housing that prevents corrosion or rustiness and user-friendly touchscreen control to improve work efficiency. This type of PCs and LCDs are best suited for plant production and management in plant industry or at green house such as field crops, floriculture, organic agriculture, vegetable crops production, fruit and orchard production, etc.

These products are ideal solutions for farming technology and agricultural control applications. These are specifically designed to meet the demands of this industry where extreme conditions are common. It combines rugged construction and unmatched computing power to provide a reliable agriculture management solution.

Our panel PCs featurea sunlight readable LCD monitor, which deliver a clear and viewable display even when used under direct sunlight and other bright lighting conditions. These agricultural display monitors are available in various sizes and in widescreen dimensions too. Its high resolutions offers superior displays as it operates by using a powerful backlighting that makes the screen brighter and viewable in daylight. You can choose from a range of brightness levels as well depending on the needs of your application or where you’re going to deploy such device.

In terms of its construction, it has an aluminum front panel which provides more protection especially for outdoor applications. It is also IP65-compliant for protection against dust, water, corrosion, and other unwanted debris. You also have a wide range of CPU solutions to choose from. It is being powered by either Intel or AMD processors. Moreover, there's an optional touch screen functionality for interactive applications.

With the specific requirements of farming operations, iTech Company's panel PCs and LCD displays are guaranteed to meet such needs. We also work with customize designs based on the specifications of our clients. Contact us for more info regarding our products.