NEMA 4X (IP65) Displays PC

iTech’s multipurpose and waterproof panel PCs are high-performance computers which are ideal for use in harsh environments. They are available from 8” to 55” monitor sizes. These wereintegrated with valuable features to meet the demand for a more reliable and efficient devices to run everyday applications.

These industrial monitor displays are intended for 24/7 operation. In a challenging environments where dirt, dust, water spray, harsh chemicals, and cold temperatures are common, these all-in-one computer displays guarantee full functionality with its IP65 rating.Such level of protection provides a shield from the said elements that can damage the system.

These are also NEMA 4X Displays which are equipped with a sealed enclosure and aluminium housing that has anti-corrosion treatments. It passed the Anti-Shock and Vibration Standard based on MIL810F & IEC60068-2-27. Moreover, these units are RoHS and VESA mount compliant.Optional features include high brightness for visibility in high ambient light level and touchscreen functionality.

All of those features ensure that these panel PCs meet the standards of operating reliably and efficiently for harsh environments.