19" Full Water Proof IP65 All in One LCD computer display

iTech Company's 19" Full Waterproof IP65 All-in-One LCD Computers deliver reliable performance even when exposed to harsh environments. Ithas a 19-inch LCD screen and available in Intel Atom and Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo processors.It has a lot of other valuable features which meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications. Check out each of these products below.

These computing solutions feature a fully-enclosed and ruggedized design in order to endure demanding applications. It has also a fanless cooling system for quiet operation and improved product longevity. It utilizes Intel processors to deliver reliable computing performance. It also delivers excellent image quality for best viewing. Meanwhile, one of its main features is its full IP65 dust and water-resistant feature which is designed to resist various elements and for extra protection of the product. It has an aluminum housing with anti-corrosion treatments as well.

On the other hand, it also complies with various military standards for resistance against strong shocks and vibrations. There's also an optional touchscreen for interactive applications and ease of use. Another optional featureis an anti-reflection protection glass which also helps delivers high image quality especially when used outdoors. Other optional features that you can avail are a wireless LAN with antenna, transflective sunlight readable feature, and a wide range of DC input from 9 to 36V.These all-in-one PCs work great for a wide range of industrial applications such as food factory, slaughterhouse, in-vehicle, and production plant, among others.

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