Video Wall LCD/Processor Solutions

iTech Company's video wall technology has the unprecedented slimmest front bezel for outdoor video wall. It features front access for easy maintenance and with its flicker-free operation, it allows for an extended stereo use with no discomfort. Moreover, there is no restrictive "sweet spot" for viewing stereo images and there is no need to work in a dimly-lit environment. The monitor display already has sufficient brightness to be used in any high ambient lighting conditions. Also included in this page are our line of video wall processors. Check out the features of these products below.

Our line of Video Wall LCD monitors provide all the features required for professional video wall installations. It is ideally suited for control rooms, surveillance centres, as well as multimedia presentations. The overall displayed content shows that all images and information can be perfectly organized on a wall. The LCD display has also a room for integrating SBC, Media Player and Touch Screen inside the enclosures.

To deliver high resolution and best image quality, it utilizes robust components and latest technology. It has a high brightness LCD panel of up to 1500 nits to ensure visibility of the screen even when used under high ambient lighting conditions. The enclosure is also IP65-rated for all-weather protection as well as vandal-resistant. It also offers more flexibility due to its size and can be installed in almost any environment without limitations. Whether it is a video or computer signal, all data formats can be displayed on the screen.

Meanwhile, the video wall processors enables you to create a video wall system that can easily be integrated in a network environment. Those data and video streams available on the network can now be displayed without a need for further controllers or decoding devices.

These devices are capable of trouble-free 24/7 continuous operations. With the high quality of our products combined with innovative designs, we provide brilliant visual messages for a wide variety of applications. For more inquiries, contact us.