Dual-Display PC


In a business environment, an efficient computer usage can make a difference in terms of productivity. A dual display PC is one way to achieve this. Basically, it is a computer system setup which makes use of two screens and operates from a single computer. There are several advantages and applications of this type of computer setup including simultaneously use of applications, referencing critical information and increased collaboration and communication. At iTech Company, we offer such solutions that are equipped with several useful features. Browse these products below and their specifications.

This line of computers feature the powerful and energy-efficient Intel processors which deliver high performance. It utilizes the latest graphics technology with two outputs for superior video quality and optimal display experience. Each screen delivers up to 1920x1080 full HD resolution. Also with the iTech’s Content Manager Software, it allows you to display dynamic content on two screens while communicating with the server for continuous updates.

These screens can be also be configured into a one large video wall or it can be spread out to serve separate areas. For more flexibility, it supports various types of content formats such as image, flash and multimedia files. It has an abundant support for multiple I/O ports including the serial and USB ports. Moreover, it offers a number of optional features such as Wireless LAN and Bluetooth compliant module.

iTech Company’s multiscreen PC solutions eliminate the costs of having to invest in another set of computer while having an optimal performance. Contact us through the given phone number and email for more info about these products.