Power Multiple Video wall

iTech Company offers multi-display PC solutions for high-quality graphics applications. Here, we present our range of video wall processors and video wall signage. These are reliable and easy to use products that meet the requirements of several applications. Browse the products below and check out their specifications.

Multi Display PC's
I-Tech provide multi-display PCs. PCs solutions for high-quality graphics applications. We beileve we can offer the most reliable, easy to use products to meeting your requirement.

Nowadays, visualizing data and other forms of information is becoming a necessary task for several sectors. Businesses, workspaces, and markets are increasingly reliant on audio and video technology to deliver information effectively to targeted audience. Sending the right signals is important in order to accomplish this. Luckily, the introduction of video wall processors enables us to display multiple sources across video walls, projector screens, or a display wall. This technology allows us to integrate any type of video and data sources on any display wall configuration.

At iTech Company, we have a selection of expandable and flexible solutions for video display walls. Either it is for entertainment or digital signage applications, it provides an ideal solution. These are commonly used on trade shows, building lobbies, outdoor signage, and control centers, among others. Our video wall processors support multiple input video sources including HDMI, VGA, composite video and USB disk. These are also available in various video wall configurations. The operations and controls on these devices can be done through IR, Ethernet and RS-232.

On the other hand, our LCD video wall signage is equipped with a built-in media player. It features a powerful Intel processor for smooth operation and the latest graphics technology for delivering high-quality display. There’s also a content manager software to connect with the server for continuous updates. Each screen delivers high resolutions for a sharp and clear display.

With several years of being in the LCD display industry, iTech Company continues to provide innovative solutions for a wide of applications. Our products not only deliver brilliant quality of display, they are also designed to operate reliably in the most demanding environments. For more info of our products, contact us today.