Signage LCD-Display Monitor

We have a range of widescreen LCD digital signage displays that are designed for the demanding conditions ofpublic venue installations while delivering crisp, clear, and expansive high resolutions. These are available from W30 to W65 widescreen monitor size with resolutions from 1280x720 to 2560x1600.

Nowadays, signage LCD display monitors are becoming a real trend in almost every sectorincluding retail, health, education, government and corporate sectors. It is a great way to grab the attention of the audience and eventually influence on them.Whether it is being used for advertising, entertainment or to deliver information, digital signage displays are significant tools to accomplish such tasks effectively.

At iTech Company, we provide innovative digital signage solutions that are equipped with several other features. Our products feature a premium-grade panel with advanced cooling system for 24/7 operation. It also supports various range of inputs such as DVI, VGA, composite, and HDMI. It has a built-in expansion slot for seamless integration of future third-party components. There’s also an ambient light sensor for consistent brightness regardless of the lighting conditions. The brightness level ranges from 350nits to 1500nits. For high-definition television capabilities, it features a digital tuner. Moreover, there’s an optional touch screen functionality for interactive applications.

Whether you’ll deploy it outside your establishment to attract attention or for entertainment purposes, our digital signage LCDs are built for long-term performance with its industrial-strength design while delivering high quality displays. Contact us for more information of our products and services.