Low Cost LCD CF Slot/USB

The rise of digital signage technology provides new ways of product presentation and customer experiences. While it is a great way to catch the attention of customers, it has also the ability to engage them. With this, several businesses are utilizing such technology for informing, engaging, and entertaining customers. However, even with a compelling content, it still needs a digital device to make it all happen effectively. One of these devices is a digital signage media player, which is one of the main components of a digital signage. It is responsible for displaying all the content that you want your targeted audience to see. Here, we present our digital signage system solutions which include an industrial LCD monitor, ranging from 15” to 42”, with a built-in media player.

This line of products are low cost LCD with CF Slot and USB connectivity. The USB connectivity allows for easy and quick file transfer. With this device, you can copy files from USB port such as digital camera and memory stick, to CF memory card. It offers more flexibility as it is compatible with most digital cameras’ stored JPEG images and motion JPEG. It can also play different forms of media such as photo, music, and video. Meanwhile, various memory card formats are also being supported including CFI, II, MD, MS, SM, MS pro, SD, and MMC. It allows copying of files between different format cards.

Meanwhile, it also includes a sleek credit card-size remote control for easy operation such as copying and deleting of files between different memory cards. It complies with VESA standards for flexible mounting options.

With our digital signage all-in-one media players, we offer an affordable digital signage solution without compromising functionality and performance. Contact us if you have more questions regarding these products.