Mass Transit Signage

As we are undergoing a digital signage revolution, iTech Company came up withvarious products to help theircustomersefficiently broadcast dynamic digital content to their targeted audience. In this page, check out our Mass Transit Signage solutions which are a great way of creating a presence especially in public locations.

Mobile digital signage such as those installed on public transportations have caught the attention of several businessesand many other entities for several reasons. It is a great way to deliver the content effectively to a vast audience. Take note that passengers are generally trapped in close the proximity to the digital sign until the transportation such as train for example, comes to a halt. The potential audience involved is also hard to ignore as thousands or even millions of people are commuting every day. Thus, such medium is worthy of serious interest.

At iTech Company, we have products that are designed to function reliably 24/7, ensuring uninterrupted service as public transportation services operate almost all day and night. These signage displays are available in various monitor sizes. It has a pole mounting to secure the device. It has also a bulit-in Media Player and Network Player to effectively deliver your content. The monitor display is equipped with aprotection glass to endure rugged and daily usage. For more interconnectivity, a WiFi wireless module is also available.

All of the above-mentioned features ensures thatour digital signage platform performs smoothly for you to reach out to your audiences whenever and wherever. We make sure that quality and efficiency go hand in hand in designing our products. Whether you want to advertise your products and services within a public transportation or simply deliver relevant informationto passengers, iTech Company’s Mass Transit Signage Displays are the perfect solutions to opt to. Contact them now for more info!