LCD-Networked Signage

Whatever your industry is, iTech Company helps you keep your audience informed and educated with the latest innovations in digital media signage. This effective solution consists of LCD displays connected to media player PC’s which then allow you to display various media files. Browse our list of products below.

For the past few years, digital outdoor signage has already been adopted by several businesses and various organizations to raise awareness to their targeted audience. Particularly for businesses, it is a versatile marketing method which comprises a display monitor with a device that stores the ads on and plays the media through the display at certain times. It can be remotely-controlled as well and playback digital content across networks.

Digital signage networks are very common these days and you can see them everywhere such as in airports, train stations, retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, arenas, and malls, among others. Such technology enables you to deliver customized media playlists to one or more digital screens, displaying targeted information to a specific audience at a specific place and time.

We offer these range of products which are equipped with a DHCP mode network player and a high-grade LCD monitor to deliver crisp and clear displays. The content can be updated through Ethernet/WLAN or USB Drive. It has also a simple, intuitive interface for easy management of content.

iTech Company can help you build an LCD networked signage solution for any industry or application. As customization is our specialty, we also provide custom designs based on your specifications. If you more questions regarding our products and services, contact us now!