Android Panel PC

Choose from our range of android panel pc systems which are made from industrial grade components and ideal for various applications such as outdoor kiosks, information display systems, transportation scheduling, multimedia advertising, and industrial control, among many others. these compact devices are equipped with several useful features to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial applications.

Today, mobile devices are one of the most commonly used technologies for different applications and most of these have Android OS with them. Some of the top advantages of this OS include its compact and flexible architecture, efficient power consumption, and excellent performance on touchscreen control and wireless communication. With these, more and more embedded hardware equipped with Android OS are now being introduce to the market. These include an Android-based Industrial Panel PC.

iTech Company offers its range of Android Industrial Panel PCs which are ruggedly built for outdoor environments and can operate under wide temperature ranges. These products feature water and dust protection for more durability under harsh environments. For interconnectivity, it has a Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN port. It features a 4-point capacitive multi-touch type panel for interactive applications. It also supports I/O ports such as USB and mini HDMI for further enhance flexibility.

The high quality of products and the commitment to a consistent component specification made the iTech Company one of the reliable suppliers in this industry. When you avail of their products, you will be ensured that you get the value for your money. For more info, contact them through phone or email.