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Chassis Mount (Metal-3mm) 30" LCD Monitor 2560x1600, 370nits, HDMI Only with SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave ) touch Screen and USB Controller

ECHW3000-2K-SAW: Everything we do is a little "one of" and different. I rely on i-Tech for their helpful technical expertise and direction. Always a pleasure to work with. Even in today's challenging times, the delivery of the last screen 30" 2560 x 1600 2K LCD with SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch Screen ordered was as promised.

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9U Rackmount LCD (3mm Metal Front Bezel), 19" LCD monitor, 1280 x 1024, 450 nits with Capacitive Touch and USB Controller

ERM1900-TC: I-tech provided a top-notch replacement for our trainers' old monitors 9U Rackmount LCD with Touchscreen. The fit in the travel cases was perfect, and the display appearance was much better for the students. We appreciate I-tech's timely response to our needs, excellent workmanship, and good value.

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Installing Super High brightness 15" Stainless Steel Touch monitor Front IP65 1000nits Resistive Touch (USB) inside the Palms Car Wash Payment Kiosk

YOP1500HBCW01: i-Tech's engineering expertise on brand new replacement stainless steel outdoor high brightness touch LCD "SE150S-UCA" in car wash kiosk (Micrologic OEM car wash cabinet) and customer service far surpassed my expectations..

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Panel Mount (Metal-5mm), 15" LCD monitor, 1024 x 768, High brightness 1000 nits HDMI+ DP Input, Side OSD, including rear screw/Clamp/VESA Mount

EPM1500HB-DP: I have been using i-Tech monitors for ten years, and I'm constantly surprised at how quickly they can accommodate special requests. They supply a quality product at a reasonable price, especially when considering how willing and able they are to make sure the monitor meets given specifications. I recommend i-Tech without reservation.

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U4600L2: This is a professional rugged outdoor super high brightness outdoor lcd solution allows doctor clinic to show their information to patient at the side walk or main entrance. Also, this can used for showing important policy updates, available services and other relevant notifications

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Installing IP66/NEMA 4X Large Display Solutions resolving dusty environment in General Fabrication/Metal/Millworks Production Floor.

ECHW6500-SIP: General fabricators, metal and Millwork shops are facing many challenges, from staying on top of orders to keeping up with technology with Large LCD NEMA4x enclosures in the production lines. One challenge is the dusty environment created many high failure rate on the regular display or monitor.

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Semi outdoor Rugged Marine Waterproof LCD in research vessel on Bering Sea

SCHW3200HB-SIP: Semi outdoor Rugged Marine Waterproof LCDs Rugged Completely Sealed Full IP66 (optional for IP67 or IP68) /NEMA4X Stainless Steel Chassis/Surface Mount, 32" LCD monitor, not just the monitors exposed to salt water and wet conditions. Also, it is on mission for 24/7/365 days in extreme hot and cold temperatures in harsh environments. It is a high resolution 1920 x 1080, super high/Sunlight Readable brightness 1000 nits, with AR coating Glass, VGA and DVI or optional for HDMI or BNC input. It is designed for variety of marine vessels, from Yachts to cruise ship to Ocean research vessel, even a commercial boat and industrial marine application as well.

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Certain Restaurant in Colorado Makes Use of iTech's Rugged LCD as a POS System

Nowadays, it is important for businesses to keep up with the growing demands of their customers. One effective way to accomplish this is to make use of the latest technology such as a touchscreen point-of-sale (POS) system that is equipped with an industrial LCD monitor. Take for instance of a particular restaurant in Colorado, USA which makes use of iTech Company's ECHW2400A-SIP-TR as a POS system. It was installed in the kitchen helping the chef to enter orders and payments of customers, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve overall operations. Such device has rugged features and fully completely sealed, enabling it to survive in high heat such as areas near the kitchen.

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iTech's All-in-One Sealed PC Monitor as an Automation Solution for Food Processing

Nowadays, computers play an important role in almost any industry. This includes the food processing sector which is now utilizing this technology for an efficient overall workflow. For food manufacturers, it is a great way to reduce downtime and costs while at the same time increasing the product quality.At iTech Company, we offer such solutions which can help the customer to bring the food processing software at the production line. Our product ECHW5500-SIP-i7 which is a 55-inch all-in-one sealed PC monitor is an ideal solution for use in the intense food processing environment.It is anIP66/NEMA 4X-rated product which means that it can withstand dirt, dust, and splashes of liquid that are commonly encountered in these applications. Along with its other useful features, it is guaranteed that it deliver reliable performance and the required durability feature.

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iTech's Rackmount LCD Keyboard to be Installed on NASA's Super 747 SOFIA

iTech Company's short-depth and lightweight rackmount LCD keyboard drawer will be installed on the world's biggest flying observatory - the NASA's Super 747 SOFIA, which is a is a modified Boeing 747SP aircraft and being used for astronomical science missions. It is a cutting-edge laboratory conducted by scientists at NASA Centers, as well as from universities and colleges across the US. With its ability to return to Earth after each flight, there's always an opportunity for upgrading and installing new science instruments and other essential equipment on this aircraft. One of these equipment is a rackmount LCD keyboard drawer which is one of the products of iTech Company, one of the leading suppliers of industrial LCD monitors and rugged computers in the country.

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iTech Provides Industrial Automation Solutions LCD to One of US Largest Seafood Companies

iTech Company recently provided an industrial automation solution LCD to American Seafoods Company, one of US'major players in the seafood industry. The project involves developing complete automation solutions which contain hardware design, panel building, programming, electrical installation and commissioning. iTech utilized one of their products, the rugged IP66/NEMA4X stainless steel LCD to complete the project.

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iTech's Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor Works Well with TZTBB Black Box, Industry Expert Says

Industry expert Captain Edward Jerbic affirms the compatibility of iTech’s ECHW2700HDHB-PCTCapacitive Touch Screen Monitor with the Marine FurunoTZTBB Black Box. Capt. Jerbichas more than 20 years of professional maritime experience includingthe workboat and passenger vessels industries. He currently holds a port captain position, who manages a fleet of 10 inspected dinner and cruise vessels. In his own words, we have tested the ECHW2700HDHB-PCT Capacitive Touch Screen with Marine FURUNO TZTBB black box and it appears to work properly with.

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How the Touchscreen Outdoor Kiosks Revolutionize the QSR Industry

Nowadays, QSRs or quick service restaurants are making use of outdoor digital menu board kiosk solutions as part of their marketing campaign and daily operations. This enables a particular restaurant chain to advertise and promote their menu outdoors. With the advent of new technology, such solution is becoming a popular choice for many businesses all around the world. Take for instance, a particular touchscreen QSR drive thru in Africa, which transforms the typical customer experience as well as in driving profits for a certain business. There are a number of reasons on why businesses, particularly the QSRs, should adapt to this kind of technology.

Advantages of utilizing touchscreen outdoor kiosk solutions Offers convenience to both business and the customers
Outdoor digital menu board kiosks offer better accuracy and more convenience to both the customers and the QSR owners as well. As customers line up in the drive-thru, they are able to see the menus being offered. With customers having great quick order dining experience, they will keep coming back to the business and this leads to more profit for the business.

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24" Full HD Optical bonding with Projective Capacitive Touch Screen In-wall Application in Museum (Model: EPMW2400HD PCT)

iTech has been a excellent supplier for California Science Center where this time we have installed our state of the art 24" Full HD 1920 x 1080 Panel mount portait LCD in “The Science Behind Pixas Exhinbition.

The special unit of this installation is in the Museum where space is limited with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement, customer has using this front bezel panel mount insert inside the dry wall. Only 3mm bezel is going out from wall make it just a like a pictures frame on the beautiful wall.

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Outdoor Portable interactive touscreen for HAWAII WILDLIFE CENTER Information Center

There are many ways you can use this outdoor LCD high brightness LCD with interactive touchscreen at semi outdoor exhibit like our ECH1900HB-SIP Rugged Completely Sealed Full IP66/NEMA4X Stainless Steel Chassis/Surface Mount, 19" LCD monitor , 1280 x 1024, 1000 nits, with Glass, Auto Dimming control. It has been sucessfully installed at HAWAII WILDLIFE CENTER as a protable interactive digital Kiosk for presenting information to visitors understanding more about the wonderful Wild life world. If you need more information please feel free to contact us.

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12.1" 800x600, 1000nits LED Sunlight Readable High Brightness Wide Temperature -30C to 85C Rugged Industrial Open Frame LCD Monitor with VGA input (Model: YOP1210WTHB).

Very bright and reliable. We've used these outdoors in our trucker kiosks for years. With a quarter inch of glass and a small air gap, this was the only monitor we tested that did not fail in direct sunlight due to thermal isotropic loading. Please don’t ever stop making these.

Rated: 10 out of 10.

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Industrial Chassis/Wall Mount Metal Housing , 15.6" LCD monitor, 1366 x 768, 1000 nits LED Backlight, VGA+HDMI+3G SDI Input (Looping in and out),Side OSD,2) 9~36VDC water proof connector facing down.

Upon delivery, I tested this machine both indoors and outdoors and found it very useful for my crane applications. 16x9 15-inch monitor format is exactly what I need for my JonyJib: not too big, not too small.

It is very bright I confirm it! (1000nits as iTech claims). It is quite crisp and allows me to accurately focus and frame. It has sufficient viewing angle to control images. Certainly HDSDI in and out plus HDMI input.

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Industrial Chassis/Wall Mount Metal Housing , 15" LCD monitor, 1024 x 768, 1000 nits VGA Input, Side OSD.

This company put this LCD inside the Fire truck, open up the side panel to use this high brightness LCD connecting to camera.

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Rugged Completely Sealed Full IP66/NEMA4X Stainless Steel Chassis/Surface Mount, 55" LCD monitor , 1920 x 1080, 450 nits, with Glass, VGA and DVI input.

i-Tech's Rugged Completely Sealed Full IP66/NEMA4X Stainless Steel Chassis/Surface Mount, 55" LCD monitor

Installed in Food processing Plant in USA.

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32" Transflective Technology Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor with optical Bonding.

i-Tech's Transflective Sunlight Readable 32" LCD monitor with Optical Bonding deployed at General Dynamics Information Technology.

This project is going to put this Rugged LCD Monitor under an extreme dessert harsh environment for testing. This mount is going to mount on the back of the military Truck hummer for display information.

Oct 2006

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15"/17"/19" Panel Mount Touch Screen Deployed at Money Bus.

i-Tech's state of the Art Panel Mount LCD Monitor with 3M Capacitive Touch Screen has deployed on high traffic Kids activities bus for interacting helpful learning materials with kids.

This durable SamSung LCD Panel combine with 3M capacitive touch screen provides the highest performance and long lasting touch screen display for kid to learn more about concepts of spending, giving and budgeting on this Money Bus.

March 2006

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26" Industrial LCD replacing CRT in Airport Fl ight Information Display System.

i-Tech's state of the Art 26" Chassis LCD Monitor wit h high contrast and high brightness has deployed at Airport for Flight Information Display System. Our capability to design and manufacture this excellent Industrial LCD for Public information display.

See below pictures for significant improvements to its flight information display system (FIDS), which displays airline departure and arrival information in the terminal building,

Dec 2006

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Rugged Completely Sealed Full IP66/NEMA4X Stainless Steel Chassis/Surface Mount, 46" LCD Monitor.

Anti Shock and Virbration proof custom bracket for Industrial grade high brightness outdoor in-Vehicle or in-Truck installtion. We have design this water and dust proof enclosures with custom mounting bracket, because there is so much shock and vibration in the command center trailer and in-Vehicle, with this design the LCD is safetly has been using since 2013 and continue on to provide a solid peformance on the many bumpy roads.

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