Certain Restaurant in Colorado Makes Use of iTech's Rugged LCD as a POS System


Nowadays, it is important for businesses to keep up with the growing demands of their customers. One effective way to accomplish this is to make use of the latest technology such as a touchscreen point-of-sale (POS) system that is equipped with an industrial LCD monitor. Take for instance of a particular restaurant in Colorado, USA which makes use of iTech Company's ECHW2400A-SIP-TR as a POS system. It was installed in the kitchen helping the chef to enter orders and payments of customers, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve overall operations. Such device has rugged features and fully completely sealed, enabling it to survive in high heat such as areas near the kitchen.

Benefits of Using POS Systems to Businesses
Many businesses today are adopting to POS systems as we move faster into a thriving technological age. There are several reasons for this. With a POS system, you have an all-in-one solution to a wide range of issues of your business operation. You can avoid unrecorded sales, human errors, and inventories that fail to match tallies with the use of this technology.

You can accurately collect and record data, enabling you to see how your business is functioning. As it eliminates the need to double-check inventory disparities and cash register reconciliation, you can thus, reduce the effort required to do inventory work. In other words, it improves efficiency for your business operations which can lead to higher customer satisfaction, lower costs and higher sales. It is also a user-friendly device which makes life easier, allowing your staff to focus on the customers and the preparation and sale of products.

iTech's ECHW2400A-SIP-TR Rugged LCD
iTech's ECHW2400A-SIP-TRrugged LCDoffers an ideal solution for a POS system. It is a NEMA4X-rated industrial monitor display that is designed to withstand extreme working and environmental conditions such as the kitchen area. It also complies with IP65 or IP66 rating standards, enabling it to bedeployed in harsh settings where dust, dirt, moisture, and other caustic contaminantsare very common. This degree of protection makes it the best choice for applications such as food manufacturing and in this case, the restaurant kitchen area. When it comes to exposure to heat, you don't have to worry as it still deliver reliable performance with its wide range of operating temperatures.

Aside from durability, these LCDs are equipped with a range of features that makes it more functional. It is available in various monitor sizes as well as widescreen dimensions, meeting the restaurant's specific requirements. It has also a wide range of brightness levels from 200 nits to 1000 nits, for applications under high ambient light conditions. The screen resolutions range from 640x480 to 2560x1440, for clear and superior imagequality. Moreover, there's also an optional touchscreen featurewhich is available as resistive, capacitive, SAW, and infrared touch.

POS systems definitely bring a lot of benefits to businesses including restaurants. However, a review of available features, options and interfaces of these devices is also important when availing such technology. iTech Company's rugged LCD monitors offer an ideal solutions for this application with its rugged quality and extensive features. We also offer customized solutions to meet the industrial needs of our clients. Contact us for more info about our products.