Avionics LCD Monitors

iTech Company’s selection of Avionics LCD Monitors deliver brilliant colour and clarity for data or graphic applications. The colour active matrix technology results to low-power consumption and distortion flicker free images. High resolution, good contrast ratios and very wide viewing angles are also achieved using such technology of XGA panel. Mechanical and electronic interface are guaranteed for easy mounting and connection to customer equipment.

Cockpit display is considered as one of the most demanding applications for an LCD monitor because of the stringent performance requirements such as superior image quality, sunlight readability feature, cross-cockpit viewing, and wide environmental operating conditions. In order to meet these strict requirements, it needs specialized designs and display materials.

At iTech Company, we share our expertise to provide innovative solutions for military and avionics applications. Our products are built with aircraft integration in mind. It features leading-edge functionality including HD inputs, multiple video inputs, internal digital video recording, sunlight readability, and toggle multi-view functions, among others. With its high resolutions, it delivers superior quality of display which is important for this application. There’s also an optional touchscreen functionality. Moreover, it is ruggedly built with its all metal components for optimum protection, ensuring the reliability of the device under any circumstance.

Our range of avionics display monitors deliver a reliable performance with several useful features integrated into the device. We always ensure that we comply with the industry’s quality and regulatory standards with our product offerings. You can count on us to deliver the best possible products available in the market.