YCHW3200HB2WT-PCAP - 32" Chassis LCD Monitor / 1920x1080 / 1500nits LED / 4000:1 / VGA+DVI+HDMI input / PCAP Touch with USB controller (AG Coating) / Temperature range -30C with Heater to 60c (Operating and Storage)(High TNI surface time to -40 to 110C) / VESA mount
Although it was the first time we worked with Itech team, they were very responsive and provided excellent support to choose the right monitor according to our tight specifications. We must say that their team is also very knowledgeable. We are grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by the team at i-Tech. Our installation team were pleased with the high grade monitor as well as our customer.
Denis Poulin
Cyberkar Systems
We are always happy about how fast and relaible İ-Tech is. Even we have a Technical problem, they always help us without questioning. Rather than after sales service, İ-tech tech Support is helping us before sales. To choose best product, to have best service we trust İ-Tech Team.
Defense and Aerospace Industry
We are very grateful for the great work and fast turnaround i-Tech provided for us. They not only provided exemplary service iTech made sure their product was successfully and safely delivered in a timely manner. They also gave us helpful hints & tools to make sure we are getting the full capacity out of their display units. iTech is a wonderful company to work with, you will enjoy the services and products they provide
Procurement Lead
Aerospace Industry
The iTech orders team has been one of the very best vendors I've worked with. Their responses are always very prompt and they answer any and all questions I have. Once products are ordered, they make sure we are in the loop every step of the way, from order confirmation to shipment, to even post delivery making sure our clients receive exactly what they need, which is more than I can say for other vendors.
Patrick S.,
Sales Associate
Electrosonic Inc.

Model: YPM1700PHB2-PCAP
YPM1700PHB2-PCAP - IP65/NEMA4 Wide Temp Panel Mount (Aluminum-6mm), 17" LCD monitor, 1280 x 1024x 480, 1500 nits LED VGA + DVI Input, Rear OSD, including rear Clamp mount/VESA Mount 0-50°C
Here some pictures of the wheelhouse of the Lady Chris 7 with the captain, Hiro Tearai. We are very happy with this 17 inch wide touch screen. We have 2 on board: one is dedicate to the navigation, and fishing operation, the second is dedicate to camera surveillance system, and communication system ( email, weather, thermocline ECT..) These screen are on board since the launching the boat in 2017.
End User

Model: CCHW5500-SIP
i-Tech's engineering expertise and customer service far surpassed my expectations The i-Tech's staff are honest, reliable, responsive, personable and very knowledgeable. I had a tremendous experience working with them and look forward to order more 55" stainless steel fully sealed CCHW5500-SIP Display in the near future.
Warehouse Supervisor
Ardent Mills
This monitor Part no YOP1040BH2 is great. We have been using this in a heavily trafficked industrial location that is in direct sunlight for years They last and are extremely reliable.
Turtle & Hughes Inc.
Great service. Professional support and real care about the customer. We are very satisfied with service provided by i-Tech team.
Igor Tyulpa
Engineer Mfg
The iTech team was great, we needed the rack mounted monitor and keyboard (ELDW117HDFe) quickly to avoid sending a crew back to the project and they got it to site the day after the order was placed. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
Senior Design Engineer
I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by the team at i-Tech. They not only provided their product and services on-time but also gave us helpful hints & tools to make sure we are getting the full capacity out of their display units.
Andac Uner
a n o v a Engineering Computer Inc. Co.
I will say we are very happy with the monitors. I had an issue with one and your service department was very responsive and we got the issue resolved quickly.
Chris Simpson
We have Purchased I-Tech part number BHK119-8Ue numerous times, for our Customers. The team at I-Tech is a pleasure to work with, they are knowledgeable, personable, and take pride in their products. We look forward to working with them on any upcoming opportunities.
Debbie Yocom
i-Tech's engineering expertise and customer service facilitated quick product development for our custom needs. The i-Tech staff is honest, reliable, responsive, personable and very knowledgeable on their products. In addition to excellent service and support, the product we received was of superb quality and satisfied our requirements.
James B.
Naval Air Warfare Center
When looking for an indoor and outdoor Kiosk for the Veterans War Memorial and Veterans Cemetery, we worked with Alan Chung of I-Tech Company. Alan was very helpful and knowledge. We installed both an indoor flush mount and an outdoor surface mount kiosk and are very satisfied with the service and product. Thank You Alan.
Rick Quatrone
The Product and services you rendered are excellent and looking forward for future relationship.
iTech LCD has made the purchasing process easy, and the cost was excellent. But other than that, I have nothing to add. Thanks.
Joshua Schierling
AE Systems, Inc.
It is one of our best purchases. It met our customer`s requirements and exceeded our expectations. Customers liked the definition and response of the touchscreen and best of all, price tag was just right. The best cost / benefit. Thanks..
-Eli Trevino
The itech team is knowledge, fair and provides great service. Their monitors work as hard as they do. We have had some sunlight readable on 24/7 in outdoor kiosks for up to ten years.
Warren Strong