Submarine Vessels Panel PC

iTech Company’s Submarine Vessels Panel PCs are engineered and tested according to DNV Standard. This type of PCs feature full IP54 protection with IP65 Front bezel and anti-corrosion coating. It has also an enhanced anti-shock and anti-vibration resistance. For more flexibility and functionality, there are optional features available including an integrated touch screen. You can also choose from various monitor screens which are available in various sizes and resolutions. All in all, it is a fully rugged fanless Marine Panel PC which is especially engineered for high performance in harsh environments.

This range of marine panel PC systems combine powerful performance and rugged features which are required for marine and industrial applications. It is equipped with an anti-rust aluminum housing which is compliant to IP rating standards, giving enough protection for the machine especially when used under harsh conditions. It is also waterproof and dustproof.

The LCD monitor offers superior display with optional sunlight readability function to ensure visibility even under direct sunlight. There’s also a wide range of brightness levels to choose from. Another optional feature is a touchscreen functionality for ease of use and for interactive applications. The CPU on the other hand, features a fanless design and equipped with a powerful processor for a smooth performance. It also offers more flexibility and connectivity with its various I/O ports including USB 2.0, COM and LAN ports. Moreover, it complies with military standards for an enhanced shock and vibration resistance.

By integrating high-performance computing power and rugged features into this line of panel PCs, you are guaranteed with a reliable machine that will be used for submarine vessel applications. At iTech Company, we ensure that we deliver the highest level of quality of our products. We also offer customize products based on our client’s specification and requirements. For more info regarding this, simply contact us through phone or email.