Marine Rugged PC Computers


Check out iTech Company's line of Marine LCD Display PC systems which are exclusively designed for sea operations.These rugged and completely waterproof sealed computers are available in various LCD monitor sizes from 8.4" to 23.1" and widescreen dimensions from W12.1 to W65. The resolutions range from 800x600 to 2560x1440.

Our panel PC rugged marine grade high brightness LCDs are designed for use in marine environments. These devices are ready to be panel-mounted into a console. Its front bezel provides maximum protection from water and other elements as it meetsvariousNEMA and IP rating standards. Most of these products are also DNV rated.It delivers high performance computing power with its either Intel or AMD processors. For greater reliability in harsh environments which are common in marine applications, it features awide operating temperature range.

Either in on-shore and off-shore applications, it offers superior display as it is equipped with a dimmable sunlight readable feature. More over, there's an optional touchscreen capability for interactive applications. It also supports various I/O ports for flexible connectivity. To know more about these products, browse each for their specifications.

iTech Company's range of marine PC systems are ideal solutions for a variety of applications on ships and marine platforms.These are designed for high reliability and low maintenance in this type ofworking environments.While we have pre-designed products, we also provide custom designs based on the features and requirements that youwant to integrate into the system. In this way, we always have all the possible choices that the client may look for in marine LCD display PCs.