Slaughterhouse Panel PC

While slaughterhouse factories used to be places with dirty blood, stinky smell and very uncomfortable environment, such setting could change with iTech Company's full IP65 Panel PCs and LCD displays. These products can improve the work efficiency in these areas with its state of the art sealed technology for protection against water intrusion and other elements that can damage the device. It also features an elegant stainless metal housing to avoid corrosion or rustiness and a user-friendly touchscreen control for ease of use.

Utilizing our fully waterproof Panel PCs and LCDs can transform a slaughterhouse into a sophisticated, hygienic, and efficient workspace. Our products provide a dependable solution that streamlines complex processes within this challenging environment. With IP65 compliance, these devices are shielded from water spray, blood, and other potential elements that could otherwise damage the computer and screen.

Integrating third-party professional production management software tailored for slaughterhouses further boosts productivity, enabling remote system control. The user-friendly touchscreen interface enhances operational convenience, allowing operators, even with gloves on, to easily access commands on the screen. Additionally, a range of monitor sizes is available to suit diverse preferences.

The LCD display features a robust cast aluminum panel bezel, offering enhanced shock and vibration resistance. For outdoor applications, optional high-brightness LCD screens with anti-reflective glare properties are available. Various PC options cater to individual needs, allowing you to choose the processor, RAM, and storage capacity based on your application requirements.

iTech Company's Slaughterhouse Panel PCs empower you to monitor the slaughter process efficiently. These industrial-grade products are designed for rugged applications, ensuring high-performance computing power. If you have specific customization needs, feel free to reach out to us for tailored solutions.