Gun Shooting Range

With the availability of shooting ranges nowadays, many people can now have all the fun and experience of firing weapons without worrying about the authorities. These shooting ranges offer a safe and legal environment for shooting adventures to be enjoyed by a lot of people. A lot of these ranges also adopt the latest technologies, providing the users with a modern equipment. One of these is the use of LCD screen which provides the shooter a view of the target using a remote camera. These LCDs are not just regular displays as they have to endure vibrations and gun fire impacts. At iTech Company, we offer a range of solutions for this application.

We have a selection of products that comply with the military standard MIL-STD 810F for resistance against strong shocks and vibrations, and rugged enough to be exposed to gun fire impact. With such feature, you don't have to worry about electronic system failure as it can endure rugged conditions. These military-grade LCD monitors also comply with various IP rating standards for protection against water, dust and other unwanted elements.

Particularly, our product model WRD1500M5HB-67 which comply with MIL-STD 810F and has optical bonding features offers an ideal solution for this application. The optical bonding feature solves the issue of LCD monitors that are prone to damage in harsh or rugged environments and susceptible to cracking due to impact or excessive vibration. It also enables the LCD to be used outdoors as it is viewable under high ambient light conditions.

With optical bonding, there's a protective cover glass that is directly adhered to the LCD display with a thin, uniform layer of adhesive. Such design eliminates the air gap between the cover glass and the display. As a result, it increases optical clarity, protects the display from dust and moisture, and improves its resistance against scratch and damage, while maintaining a thin and lightweight design. There are several impact testing that showeda significant improvement with a direct bonded front surface than the one with no bonding interlayer. The strength of an LCD has been improved by as much as 300%, making it capable of enduring various rugged applications.

In an application such as gun shooting range, you need an LCD monitor with extra features to withstand demanding environment. While the image quality is a factor to consider, the resistance of the device to various harsh conditions must also be taken into account. iTech Company provides rugged LCD solutions that are designed for durability, reliability, and optimal performance under demanding conditions. Contact us today and let's discuss which system is best suited to your requirements.