iTech Company's Transit LCD displays are made with all steel construction and engineered to survive the most demands of high traffic environments. These LCDs are combined with easy to use digital signage media player for a complete digital signage solution. We also provide the highest-quality sunlight readable image available in outdoor environments. Our industrial-grade outdoor displays have exemplary resolution and brightness that you've come to expect from i-Tech. These are effective solutions for transit information and entertainment applications, keeping the travellers informed and entertained while waiting.

Nowadays, passengers and visitors rely on public information displays. Whether they want to know where they are going or what time their transportation leaves, public displays will keep them informed. It can also serve as a medium of entertainment as people wait for their transportation. The modern displays in public venues are already in the form of digital screens which quickly replaced the traditional static graphics.

At iTech Company, we provide such solutions to effectively manage public information networks. We understand the level of security needed to protect a network and also the integration of multiple real-time data feeds. Our products are equipped with advanced features that deliver optimum performance for 24/7 operation. It is easy to install and rugged enough to withstand the demanding conditions in public venues. Moreover, it includes a reliable digital signage player and a management software which enables you to controls your content centrally at any time.

With our range of Transit Signage displays, we provide solutions to make transit information more accessible and engaging to the public particularly to the commuters. For more specifications, browse each of the product models above. If you have other inquiries, contact us anytime.