Medical LCD Display

Medical LCD Displays can be considered as the heart of virtually all patient procedures. That’s why choosing a reliable one with top performance and quality is a significant task. At iTech Company, we offer LCD display solutions for medical and healthcare industry. While we have a range of Medical All-in-One LCD PCs, some of our products are designed for specific purposes such as for diagnostic and medical information displays.

These type of industrial monitor displays are capable of measuring multiple parameters at once, allowing the doctors and nurses to keep track of patients' vital signs. They can also view digital medical images such as ultrasound, x rays, endoscope, CT and MRI images, angiography images, and mammography images. The difference with these monitors from the standard LCDs is that they offer much higher resolution. They are also built with redundant systems so that if there’s a power failure or any other error, the patient will not be placed in danger. These LCD monitors can also be customized with various features such as the touch screen functionality, internal wireless communication, and embedded protective shields, among others.

At iTech Company, we understand the significant role of this type of LCD displays in providing optimal patient care. Thus, we came up with our range of MedicalLCD Displays that are equipped with advanced features and deliver superior image quality. Its mechanical design also provides durability that will last several years of service. With our products, you will always find something that meets your specifications. Contact us now to avail the best LCD displays for your medical environment.