Medical Information and Signage

In this age of computers, hospitals and other healthcare facilities need digital signage more than ever because of the constant change of its environment. Gone are those days of using static bulletins and signs. With digital signage, staff, patients, and visitors can have the most current and accurate information at any given time. Such systems can easily be updated too, helping the information being delivered immediately and be responded quickly by the medical staff.

Digital signage helps medical facilities reduce patient anxiety, deliver information effectively, create a pleasant atmosphere, and ensure that visitors and staff will be able to navigate the premise quickly and easily.This is where we can help with our range of medical and information signage.

Our products offer medical professionals the ability to display medical images with exceptional image quality. There are various sizes to choose from and some product models are available with a built-in slot PC. These are integrated into high-end hygienic and medical grade displays to be used for various medical procedures. These are also easy and quick to install.

Available in full HD screens, it can be used in landscape or portrait format with high resolutions for superior image quality. Our products conform to various medical standard certifications such as DICOM for safety and quality assurance.There's also a non-reflective features which ensures a clear view of the images, close up, from a distance and in high ambient light conditions.It supports multi interfaces such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, and Display Port inputs for more flexibility and compatibility than can adapt to different working environments.

Healthcare Signage can take in different forms but the purpose is mostly the same and that is to inform patients. What you present on these signs can also be critical and with digital signage, it will help improve the communication within the medical facility. iTech Company can be your trusted signage partner with our years of being in the industry providing innovative solutions. Contact us now and see the range of options that we can create for you.