Patient Monitor LCD

Browse iTech Company’s range of Patient Monitor LCD monitors on this page. This type of monitor displays are known for their features such as low maintenance, reliable performance, and durability, which are very useful in a hospital setting. With our years of experience providing LCDs, we came up with these products using the latest technology and high quality components. These are available in various monitor sizes and resolutions. See each specification below.

An LCD monitor is considered as one of the most important technologies being used in hospitals particularly, in improving the care for patients. For instance, it can be used to display information in order to improve the flow of patients in a certain medical facility. It can also show the location of the patient, which rooms are currently available, and which patients are for surgery next, among other uses. In other words, it will help track the patients and other related resources to provide the hospital staff relevant data that they need anytime.LCD displays are commonly used for medical diagnosis and medical imaging too.

iTech Company offers this type of LCDs which are equipped with all the necessary features to be able to operate and endure the demanding conditions of hospitals and other medical facilities. Our products deliver superior picture quality. A better contrast ratio, brightness level, and color production are also expected from these products. These are also energy-efficient and emit low radiation, making them more health-friendly. In terms of interconnectivity, it can be connected to the internet and local network, which is important in a hospitals to monitor several LCDs remotely. These are available with optional touch screens for interactive applications. Moreover, these LCD displays passed the required certifications and compliances to be used in a medical field or hospital setting.

Our medical grade LCD monitors are designed to meet the evolving patient needs in a fast-paced medical environment. We offer customized designs too based on your specifications. So, call us now for the best solutions to enhance the quality of care throughout your medical facility.