Diagnostic Mono Display

Our Diagnostic Mono Display solutions are especially designed for diagnostic applications, delivering unparalleled image quality, clarity, and consistency. These monitor displays help the medical practitioners to provide optimal patient care with a reliable performance under daily excessive use in a fast-paced environment. These are available in 1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP, and 5MP versions.

These medical grade monitor displays are equipped with advanced features andhave a mechanical design that provides durability, safety, and maneuverability of the device which are important in medical applications. These products are equipped with easy clean solutions too for optimal picture.

In terms of image quality, it features an Auto Luminance Stabilizer (ALS) for a consistent viewing experience by maintaining the preferred luminance over display lifetime. There’s also a Digital Uniformity Compensation (DUC) which significantly decrease the differences in luminance distribution over the LCD panel and improve your diagnostic confidence.A calibration function accurately adjusts gamma, color temperature, and luminance which helps create optimum conditions for a medical imaging display and achieve DICOM GSDF compliant grayscale output.

Meanwhile, there’s also a multifunctional model with support of multiple input signals and the Picture-in-Picture function. Moreover, it is certified under various medical safety standards, ensuring the safety and overall reliability of the product.

iTech Company’s Diagnostic Mono Displays are applicable to a variety of medical imaging equipment and comprehensive clinical applications which help improve the working efficiency of doctors and medical practitioners.With those advanced features, it gives you the highest level of confidence in medical imaging for review and diagnosis.