Navigation and Information Displays

iTech Company offers a wide range ofLCD displays including medical monitors which are specifically designed forhospitals and healthcare facilities. Here, we have our selection of Navigation and Information Displays. See the specifications of these products below.

Our medical-grade LCDshelpdeliver optimal patient care in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We integrate various advanced features on these products along with careful engineering design to meet international medical standards. With our several years of experience in this industry, we still maintain image quality, clarity, and consistency in our LCD products.

With our medical grade LCDs, we aim to addressthe needs of medical facilities to use different LCD monitors to interpret information. This line of LCD displays is DICOM Ready which professional performance.It is also amulti-purpose display with an excellent value upgrade from a standard office monitor. By switching to DICOM Preset gamma curve on the On Screen Display (OSD) menu, you’ll already have a hospital-wide DICOM compliant reviewing monitor. It is an ideal solution for Hospital and Radiology Information System applications or as a navigation display on workstations.

At iTech Company, we ensure that our products have high qualities andpassedthe medical standards to provide durableand safe solutions for hospital settings. We understand that these devices are important in doctors’ lifesaving decisions and patient diagnosis.Contact us for a quote onour range of medical LCD displays for hospital applications and other healthcare facilities.Call us at our given phone number or email us.