Rugged All-in-one PC

iTech Company's rugged all-in-one PC systems are robust panel computers with touchscreen feature and fanless design. It utilizes high-grade industrial components for enhanced performance and rugged quality.You can deploy this type of computers in harsh environmental conditions where moisture, heat, dust, and cold are commonly encountered.Choose from a wide range of monitor sizes, from 57" to 24". See the features of these products below.

This line of rugged PCs is equipped with a full operating system in a rugged industrial enclosure. It has an aluminium housing which complies with NEMA and IP rating standards, making it compatible with both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you'll install these for logistics, manufacturing and food-processing applications, you donít have to worry as these devices can survive dusty and wet environments. It comes with an aluminium front panel with an optional touchscreen which is available on all models.

These all-in-one PCs are powered by Intel processors, for handling applications seamlessly. It is also equipped with onboard graphics and audio controller. With its Ethernet ports for LAN connections, it offers ease of connectivity for efficient flow of data. For more flexibility, it also supports various I/O ports including VGA, USB, and serial with expansion slots for mini PCI, PCI, and PCI-E. Such connections are also sealed and secured, giving enough protection regardless of any condition. Moreover, it also complies with VESA standards for more versatility of mounting.

On the other hand, iTech also offers customize design products based on the clientís specifications. For more info about this, simply contact us through phone or email.