Marine LCD Display

iTech Company offers a line of marine LCD displays that can withstand the most severe environments. These products incorporates many useful features to meet various marine applications needs. Choose from different sizes: from 7" to 24" and widescreen dimensions of W21.5 to W55.

LCD monitors play a critical role in marine and naval applications such as ship bridge monitor solutions, radar monitoring, electronic display information system, on-board surveillance, and CCTV, among others. Such applications require a reliable equipment which prevents any error or system failure. At iTech Company, we offer high performance display solutions which are especially designed for marine applications.

Our marine LCDs offers a clear and vibrant image first and foremost with resolutions from 800x480 to 1920x1200. Years of service with these products is also guaranteed as we always ensure that they stand up to the rigors of a shipboard environment. These are being protected from the corrosive ocean environment with its NEMA or IP-rated enclosures. These LCD monitors have also extended shock and vibration resistance for further protection from any potential damage.

Meanwhile, its wide operating temperature means that it can fully function regardless of various weather conditions or sudden change of temperature. For visibility either in daytime or night, theres the sunlight readability and extended dimming range features. You can also choose from a range of brightness levels: from 230nits to 1600nits, depending on your application. Moreover, theres an optional touch screen functionality for ease of use and interactive applications.

Take note that navigating harsh marine conditions requires more than a waterproof equipment. It demands an industrial-grade LCD that meets various international standards. iTech Company's marine LCDs are engineered for use throughout the marine industry. Browse each of our products and see which one best suits your application.