How the Touchscreen Outdoor Kiosks Revolutionize the QSR Industry


Nowadays, QSRs or quick service restaurants are making use of outdoor digital menu board kiosk solutions as part of their marketing campaign and daily operations. This enables a particular restaurant chain to advertise and promote their menu outdoors. With the advent of new technology, such solution is becoming a popular choice for many businesses all around the world. Take for instance, a particular touchscreen QSR drive thru in Africa, which transforms the typical customer experience as well as in driving profits for a certain business. There are a number of reasons on why businesses, particularly the QSRs, should adapt to this kind of technology.


Advantages of utilizing touchscreen outdoor kiosk solutions

Offers convenience to both business and the customers
Outdoor digital menu board kiosks offer better accuracy and more convenience to both the customers and the QSR owners as well. As customers line up in the drive-thru, they are able to see the menus being offered. With customers having great quick order dining experience, they will keep coming back to the business and this leads to more profit for the business.

Moreover, the touchscreen features change the regular drive-thru experience as customers can now simply press the buttons regarding their order. There’ll be a computerized system that facilitates the entire ordering process, allowing the customers to pick whatever they want.

Reduces the cost of the business

While being effective, the use of outdoor digital menu board kiosks will also reduce the overall marketing cost of the business. Other channels for advertising such as the newspaper and print media are becoming a thing of the past with this type of solution. This is now considered by many businesses as a great way to advertise.

Meanwhile, the printing cost of the business will also be significantly reduced. For example, if there’s a new menu, it can be displayed immediately. The same thing when there’s a change in the menu as the owner can simply change the digital signage instead of having the entire menu reprinted.

Opt for a reliable self-service kiosk solutions provider!
One of the top retailers of self-service kiosk solutions is the i-Tech Company. As quality outdoor kiosk and drive thru business must go hand in hand in catering to the needs of the consumers, choose a product that is built to last. Pick the one that is designed to withstand daily use and various weather conditions.

Check out the specifications of i-Tech Company’s product:
- IP65 Front Panel-Mount with OEM housing, Aluminum Bezel
- LCD Panel, 15"-1024x768, LED-1500nits, Wide Temp (-30~85 Degree)
- G150XG01V3, Wide temp Operating and Storage - 30C to 85C, Viewing angle H 80/80 V60/80
- VGA+DVI input ports
- 6mm Anti-Vandal protected glass, AR
- 2xFAN (High Speed fan) integrated on rear side
- Air flow between LCD panel and protected glass
- Auto-Dimming light sensor with 2ft loosed cable from I/O area
- Clamp Mounting
- Less Noisy Fans (GD126025LB)

Contact them today and ask for a quote on a touchscreen kiosk solution for your QSR outlet!


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