iTech's Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor Works Well with TZTBB Black Box, Industry Expert Says

Industry expert Captain Edward Jerbic affirms the compatibility of iTech’s ECHW2700HDHB-PCTCapacitive Touch Screen Monitor with the Marine FurunoTZTBB Black Box. Capt. Jerbichas more than 20 years of professional maritime experience includingthe workboat and passenger vessels industries. He currently holds a port captain position, who manages a fleet of 10 inspected dinner and cruise vessels. In his own words, “we have tested the ECHW2700HDHB-PCT Capacitive Touch Screen with Marine FURUNO TZTBB black box and it appears to work properly with."

What is a TZTBB Black Box
One of the top features of the TZTBB black boxis it is compatible with your choice of Multi Touch Display, which can be a huge step forward in the world of marine touchscreen technology. This device allows you toconfigure its system with your preferred Multi Touch Display monitor. Ithas two major components, which includes an MPU002 processor unit and a PSD002 switch box. The processor which was based on the TZT14 architecture has an increased I/O’s, while the switch box integrates a number of functionalities such as a power key for turning the system on/off, an LED status indicator, SDXC slots for loading charts and software, and a built-in buzzer for alarm or acknowledgement sounds.

Unlike the traditionalBlack Box models, TZTBB doesn’t come with a dedicated control unit nor it require one for operation. Its full control can be achieved through the use of a multi touch monitor which can be supplied separately from another source. In this case, iTech’s ECHW2700HDHB-PCT Industrial Chassis or Wall Mount LCD monitor works great. The separate multi touch monitor can then be connected to the black box for a more improved multi-touch operation. With this, the usercan also choose different monitor sizes depending on his requirements. The TZTBB makes use of the modified version of the standard TZtouch software along with a dedicated UI in order to achieve full system control.

Features of iTech’s Product That Meet the Specifications of TZTBB Black Box
Meanwhile, there are several brands and models of multi touch monitors that have already been tested with TZTBB black box. It has also indicated a number of specifications for the multi touch monitor to use with. iTech’sECHW2700HDHB-PCT has most of these features, making it an ideal choice for this application.

First, it is compatible with DVI-D input which the TZTBB requires. Some other video input options of iTech’s product include DVI, DVI+HDMI, SVideo+AV, SVideo+AV+DVI, AV+Looping, DVI+AV+Looping, HD-SDI, and BNC(PAL/NTSC). It is also a Projective Capacitive Touch Screen monitor which is recommended for the TZBBinstead of the Optical type. Such feature offers a better sense of multi touch control, givingthe user full control of the TZTBB at his fingertips. The USB interface for multi touch is also needed, which is common among Windows 7 compatible monitors.Moreover, the TZBB does not accept an external driver to be installedfor the multi touch function. It already comes with Furuno TZTBB touch drivers for such functionality.iTech’s ECHW2700HDHB-PCT doesn’t need a dedicated driver for its multi touch interface.

Other significant features include ametal chassis for higher impact protection and which is also needed for marine applications. There’s also an optional Front AR Glass or Vandal Resistant glass. With its 27" LCD monitor size, it offers a resolution of 1920x1080. Its brightness level of 1000 nits ensures a high brightness marine displaymonitor. All of these features make the iTech’s ECHW2700HDHB-PCTCapacitive Touch Screen Monitora great choice to use not only with the Furuno TZTBB Black Box, but also with other various applications.