iTech's All-in-One Sealed PC Monitor as an Automation Solution for Food Processing

iTech's All-in-One Sealed PC Monitor as an Automation Solution for Food Processing

Nowadays, computers play an important role in almost any industry. This includes the food processing sector which is now utilizing this technology for an efficient overall workflow. For food manufacturers, it is a great way to reduce downtime and costs while at the same time increasing the product quality. At iTech Company, we offer such solutions which can help the customer to bring the food processing software at the production line. Our product ECHW5500-SIP-i7 which is a 55-inch all-in-one sealed PC monitor is an ideal solution for use in the intense food processing environment. It is anIP66/NEMA 4X-rated product which means that it can withstand dirt, dust, and splashes of liquid that are commonly encountered in these applications. Along with its other useful features, it is guaranteed that it deliver reliable performance and the required durability feature.

Benefits of an Industrial Automation in the Food Processing Industry
With the several challenges in food processing industry, industrial automation offers a lot of advantages to address such issues. It is one way to improved overall productivity and improved food quality in this industry.

With automation, it allows an efficient work flow and labour use. With the aid of computers and specialized software, it enables for a more accurate and consistent food quality evaluation. You can also collect and track data in production operations which can help you identify areas of concern later on. Businesses can also reduce labour costs with the use of this technology


About iTech Company's 55" All-in-One Sealed PC Monitor

iTech's 55-inchall-in-one sealed PC monitor is IP66/NEMA 4X-rated industrial computer which is an ideal solution for deployments in harsh conditions 24/7 without compromising performance. It is fully enclosed with either a rugged aluminum or stainless steelfor protection against dirt, dust, moisture, chemicals, splash of liquid, and other unwanted elements which are common encounter in industrial applications. It features a modularized mechanical design which provides flexible product configuration and easy maintenance as well.

With its 55-inch wide LCD monitor, it delivers a high resolution of 1920 x 1080. This LCD monitor utilizes a LED backlight technology which is energy-efficient and consumes lesspower while maintaining a superior displayquality. It has also a brightness level of 350 nits. This fanless design computer is powered by a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with Memory 16GB Ram and 64GB SSD, offering a high-performance rugged computing solution. For interactive application and convenient usage, there's an optional build-in touch screen that can be availed. Moreover, it supports various I/O ports including DVI, LAN, RS232, and USB for more flexibility and functionality.

iTech Company offers a wide range of solutions that are designed to perform reliably in extreme environments such as the food processing industry. We have industrial computers that are specifically designed for these applications where the equipment has to be washed down regularly with water and/or harsh cleaning agents. Our products are fully-sealed to protect its internal components and made with industrial-grade components. All in all, these are designed for 24/7 operation under any harsh setting.