15.6" Industrial Chassis/Wall Mount Metal Housing LCD Monitor (Model: ECHW1560CC-SDI)

Industrial Chassis/Wall Mount Metal Housing , 15.6" LCD monitor, 1366 x 768, 1000 nits LED Backlight, VGA+HDMI+3G SDI Input (Looping in and out),Side OSD,2) 9~36VDC water proof connector facing down.

Upon delivery, I tested this machine both indoors and outdoors and found it very useful for my crane applications. 16x9 15-inch monitor format is exactly what I need for my JonyJib: not too big, not too small.

It is very bright Ė I confirm it! (1000 nit as iTech claims). It is quite crisp and allows me to accurately focus and frame. It has sufficient viewing angle to control images. Certainly HDSDI in and out plus HDMI input.

While ordering, I knew that it will be missing some features like Peaking focus software function and some controls like zebra patterns or more sophisticated exposure controls, HDMI output, etc.

Nevertheless, Ďas isí it is a truly great machine within a moderate budget and I am planning to use it extensively. I am convinced that iTech LCDs can be used for jib-arm applications, both: Ďas isí or slightly modified..

John Huffman